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Case Study:


Through our agent Rod Grove-Jones in S. Australia we are able to offer back-up for systems both existing and new for shellfish, fish and prawn farms in Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Rod writes "I used the "SeaCAPS" system extensively from 1994-2000 at an oyster hatchery in South Australia. Originally we had an upright system designed by John Bayes that produced 4000 litres per day. Later we expanded with the lay flat system to increase production by 3200 lpd to 7,200 lpd for only a marginal cost increase.

We continued to improve the system working with John Bayes and further increased its efficiency in use of power and labour without any loss in reliability or quality of feed .I have no hesitation in recommending the Seacaps system as the most reliable, cost effective and modern way I have seen to produce algae in the hatchery "