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Seasalter Shellfish (Whitstable) - News

Ancient traditions, modern ideals

The traditions of the Seasalter Company in South-east England go back more than 100 years. Today however the company operates hatchery and nursery systems at Reculver, Kent, eight miles East of Whitstable. This is a good defence against natural or man-made disasters. Our production now covers oyster and clam seed. (Crassostrea gigas, Ostrea edulis, Mercenaria mercenaria, Tapes decussata, Tapes semidecussata). and other species of bivalve mollusc to order. Read more >>>

Economies both in budget and scale

As more countries strive to enter into aquaculture on a shoestring budget, John's "Small is beautiful" approach to algal production is a refreshing challenge to the megalithic tank systems still generally favoured in the USA. The difference being that running and capital costs are considerably less. Algal quality is consistently high with cell densities of 4000 cells/l. Read more >>>

Northern Lights & Southern Storms.

In higher latitudes of Norway and Newfoundland two disused cod processing factories were turned around to mollusc hatchery production after the collapse of the cod fishery in those regions. Another successful installation was in South Carolina where the hurricane factor has to be built into every structure. Installations must either be built to last or easily replaceable and the latter, on such a vulnerable coastline was the best option. In the event of a severe storm the whole outdoor algae system could be rebuilt economically in just a few weeks. Read more >>>

SeaCAPS Ltd takes wing

The latest developments in low cost, low impact phytoplankton production systems.

SeaCAPS are world renowned for their innovative approach to economical Continuous Algal Production Systems. Technological advances developed over the past three decades with these systems along with customised hatchery designs have been installed at both fish and shellfish farms in 16 countries. Their training programmes, consultancy and after-sales back up service is most unique because it is supported by an exclusive hands-on operation. Read more >>>