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SeaCAPS Ltd takes wing

The latest developments in low cost, low impact phytoplankton production systems.

SeaCAPS are world renowned for their innovative approach to economical Continuous Algal Production Systems. Technological advances developed over the past three decades with these systems along with customised hatchery designs have been installed at both fish and shellfish farms in 16 countries. Their training programmes, consultancy and after-sales back up service is most unique because it is supported by an exclusive hands-on operation.

In 2000, Managing Director, John Bayes, travelled over 35,000 miles to evaluate the industry's need for top quality algal feeds. During that World tour he also spoke at NSA 2000, Seattle and FRDC Hatchery Feeds Workshop in Cairns, Queensland. What he learned along the way moved him to set up a new company, Seasalter Continuous Algal Production Systems Ltd ("SeaCAPS ") to fulfil the need for providing systems and a consultancy service, not only for the more fortunate operators, but in areas where "angels might fear to tread."

John and his co-partner Elaine Kirkaldie assisted with the installation of an algae system in Baja California, Mexico. A beautiful, if somewhat barren , internationally recognised area of " Global Biosphere" where basic utilities that most of us in the Western World take for granted are non existent. Situated over 1000 km south of Ensenada, forward planning is a watchword and that's where a low cost, low impact system such as "SeaCAPS" comes into it's own. Hatchery manager, Mark Venus, is running such an outdoor bag system at Max Mar Marisco's bivalve hatchery. An activity totally in harmony with the surrounding environment, it blends in well with the rugged scenery overlooking the beautiful Laguna Manuela.