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Ancient traditions, modern ideals

The traditions of the Seasalter Company in South-east England go back more than 100 years. Today however the company operates hatchery and nursery systems at Reculver, Kent, eight miles East of Whitstable. This is a good defence against natural or man-made disasters. Our production now covers oyster and clam seed. (Crassostrea gigas, Ostrea edulis, Mercenaria mercenaria, Tapes decussata, Tapes semidecussata). and other species of bivalve mollusc to order.

On the fishing side we operate two grow out sites and manage an extensive natural cockle fishery using two specially designed harvesting barges. "Columbine" a 9 metre long aluminium craft was built in Nantes and is a modified traditional French 'chaland' (barge) built especially for the oyster industry. 'Eco Harvester' was designed and built by a local engineer, Brian Molloy. The twin hulled vessel, 14m metres long by 5 metres beam, is capable of carrying 10 tonnes of shellfish harvested with a low impact dredge head which blows the catch onto a conveyor belt lifting them to the surface with minimal damage. The 'by-catch' then returns to the seabed without harm.

Oysters and clams are also farmed on steel trestles or under nets at Seasalter. For enquiries on bulk sales of oysters, clams and cockles - contact our Fisheries Director ­ Gary Wordsworth . tel :+44 1227 386837 or fax: +44 1227 601466.

The Company sees a good future in assisting others in the industry to achieve full and economic production potential by drawing upon the wealth of experience we have to offer. Our hatchery operations team Darryl Arnold, Antoine Pennec, and of course John Bayes, who has been in the business 35 years, have a world of experience at their fingertips. Elaine Kirkaldie, Co-Director runs Admin and accounts. She has over 25 years experience in the inshore fishing industry and has been with Seasalter for 17 years.